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Train your students so your classroom runs like a well oiled machine

Are you tired of hearing the following questions 10 times a day:
“What did we do yesterday?”
“Was there homework?”
“I lost my paper. Can I have a new one?”
“What are we doing today? Anything FUN?”
“Where do I turn this in?

I know I was. Want to save your sanity? I cannot express to you how important it is to establish routines in your classroom. If you train students the first couple of weeks you will be so grateful later. I’ve established routines so my students know exactly what to do when they enter the classroom, know where to get missing work, and see what we are doing that day. After a couple of weeks if a student comes up to me and says “where is the worksheet from yesterday?” other students almost instantaneously respond so I don’t have to deal with it. Here are a couple of the things I have done in my classroom to save my sanity:

Tips for training your students so your classroom runs smoothly

1. As soon as students walk into my classroom, they automatically grab whatever worksheet is in the basket by the door. The first week or two I have to stand by the door and remind them, but after that it is just habit for them to reach over and grab the worksheet. It saves me time later so I don’t have to pass out the notes, bellwork form, or worksheet for that day. It is also really nice when you have a sub, because it is one less paper they have to worry about.

Tips for training your students so your classroom runs smoothly

2. I was so crazy tired of hearing “What are we doing today? Are we going to do anything FUN?” (Really? Science is always fun). Anyway, I had my sister who has a cricut machine cut  out these vinyl letters for my whiteboard. As soon as students come into the classroom they know to get out their bellwork form, write down the daily objective and homework, and have 5 minutes to complete the bellwork on the board. Those 5 minutes are time for me to take attendance, check any urgent emails, and often get lab supplies ready for the next period. In my class students pick up a bellwork form (by the door!) every Monday and turn it in every Friday. So if a student ever says “what are we doing today?” all you have to do is point to the board.

Tips for training your students so your classroom runs smoothly

3. If you had students that were absent the day before, do they know where to get their missing assignment? (Hint: The answer should NOT be they have to come bother you to get it). I have a crate in the back of the room for all extra worksheets. There are 5 file folders in the crate, labeled Monday – Friday. If a student was absent on a Tuesday, they know to go to the Tuesday folder and grab whatever papers are in there. Also, if a student wasn’t absent but lost an assignment in the depths of their backpack, they know they can find extras in the orange crate.

Tips for training your students so your classroom runs smoothly

4. Do your students know where to turn in papers?  Whether you use small trays or file folders like I do, it is nice if students know exactly where to turn in papers. I have another milk crate at the front of the room that has file folders labeled with each period of the day.  I also have a folder in the very back for no-names, so if students have a missing assignment they know they turned in, they can check the no-name folder. (FYI: Walmart carries these milk crates for very cheap during back to school season!)

Tips for training your students so your classroom runs smoothly

5. I don’t personally use this last tip, but I know teachers that do and really like it. When students ask “what did we do yesterday?” I usually have them check their neighbor’s bellwork form and copy down the objective. But another option is to have a calendar posted in the front of your room and jot down what you taught that day. If you laminate the calendar you can write directly on it with expo markers, but if it’s not laminated you can use sticky notes instead.

Overall having set routines will get your classroom running smoother. Ever notice that in many IEP’s it has routines listed as an accommodation? It is so much easier to start class when students know exactly what to do. Any other tips you want to share? Leave them in the comments!

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