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Category: Astronomy


Gravity Lesson Plans

Gravity is such a fun topic to talk about with students. We experience it every day, and it impacts every aspect of our lives. It’s something we take for granted, and don’t think twice about. Let’s change that! I like discussing gravity at the beginning of my astronomy unit. We

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Moon Phase Interactive Poster

Moon phases. Some students catch on right away, while others seem to NEVER get it. (Heck, sometimes I even second guess myself). You’ve tried worksheets, the flashlight and styrofoam ball demo, video clips, and it still isn’t sinking in.  Here is something new you can try: make a moon phase poster

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How to build 3D constellations

Looking for constellations is a fun activity for students of any age. But what many students may not understand is that even though the stars in a single constellation may look the same distance from earth, they can be hundreds of light years apart. Having them build a 3D model

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