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Category: Distance Learning

Science Interactive Diagrams

Looking to up the engagement during distance learning? Or, is your classroom 1:1 with technology? I’ve been creating interactive diagrams where students can click and learn about biology and earth science topics. Students work through the diagram and end with a Google-form self grading quiz. No prep for you- wahoo!

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Tips for building relationships virtually

Most of US schools are preparing to go back virtually in a couple weeks. Going virtual in the spring was definitely a transition, but since we already knew our students and had existing relationships with them, it wasn’t as hard to call home and stay on top of them with

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5 Low Prep Ideas for Distance Learning

Looking for low stress and low prep ideas as we navigate distance learning? Here are 5 ideas you can use with your secondary science students: 1. CLICK HERE to check out virtual field trips your students can explore! 2. CLICK HERE to see a full list of science related movies,

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