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Category: Technology

Science Interactive Diagrams

Looking to up the engagement during distance learning? Or, is your classroom 1:1 with technology? I’ve been creating interactive diagrams where students can click and learn about biology and earth science topics. Students work through the diagram and end with a Google-form self grading quiz. No prep for you- wahoo!

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Tech Tools to Support ELL Students

Teaching English Language Learners (ELLs) can be so fun and rewarding. They are some of my favorite students to work with. They tend to be hard working and driven. (You may want to check out my blog post with 10 tips for teaching ELLs in the science classroom). The main

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Digital Choice Boards for Science

Have you ever tried out choice boards with your students? I love them because they give students some voice and choice in their learning. Choice boards provide a variety of ways for students to demonstrate they have mastered a concept. Your students that love to write can choose to answer

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Science Podcasts For High Schoolers

Are you a podcast lover? Once I find one I like, I get hooked (cough, cough… Serial). You may have students who have never listened to a podcast before, and given the opportunity would really enjoy them! Especially for your kiddos who love to learn but don’t love to read.

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Virtual Field Trips

Don’t have the funds to take students on a field trip? Living in the age of technology allows us to virtually visit and see sights around the world (or solar system!) that most of us wouldn’t get the opportunity to ever see. I’ve compiled a list of science-related virtual field

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Using Infographics for Assessment

Want a fun way to change up how you assess your students? While there is value in giving multiple choice assessments (students need to have these test taking skills to pass the ACT and SAT), I also like to change it up. Not all students do well with multiple choice

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Utilizing Live Streaming Webcams

We live in the world of technology and instant streaming. It’s amazing that we can see and talk to people on the other side of the world with almost no delay. I recently came across a couple of live streaming websites where your students can observe nature and wildlife from

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Secondary Science Virtual Labs

Virtual labs are a great tool to try if you have computer access. I love them because: They are FREE! If you are tired of spending your own money on lab supplies, throw in a virtual lab instead.  They are great for visual learners. If students mess up, they can

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STEM- Making Animated Videos

Lately there is a big push for STEM in the classroom. Data has projected that STEM related jobs will increase to 9 million by the year 2022 ( As teachers we need to not just teach science, but let students truly experience it first hand. Every year when I teach

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