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Category: Classification

kingdoms and classification lesson plans

Teaching the Biological Kingdoms of Life

Hey there biology teacher. It’s almost the end of the year, and you are on one of your last units: biological kingdoms and classification. Not super high interest. You are tired. How are you going to spice this topic up?! Don’t worry- I’ve got you covered. But first, a disclaimer:

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Dichotomous Keys Lesson Ideas

When you were a kid did you ever read the “choose your own ending” books? You would read and then it would give you two scenarios and you could choose how you wanted the story to continue? I always liken those to dichotomous keys when introducing them to students. You

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Resources for Teaching Cladograms

Looking for some new ideas and activities to teach cladograms and phylogenetic trees? Check out this list below of fun activities and interactive websites. 1. Cladogram Construction: This free activity from Carolina Biological is nice and simple- a great way to introduce cladograms to your students. It has students construct

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