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Category: Geology

Mineral Teaching Resources

I hear from a lot of teachers that teaching rocks and minerals is booooring (I beg to differ!)I have two blog posts for you- this one with resources to help you teach minerals and a second to help you teach rocks. Side note: I want to point out that there

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Geologic Time Teaching Resources

Geologic time is one of the last topics I cover in my biology class. We discuss it briefly throughout the year when we learn about ecological succession and evolution, but we don’t take a deeper dive until the end of the  year. I absolutely LOVE any excuse to get out

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Fossils Lesson Plans

I LOVE looking at and collecting fossils. It’s fun to try and picture what the organism looked like and what type of fossil it is. Students love them too! One tip from experience: Students enjoy them A LOT more if they have bigger samples to look at. I know what

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Rock Cycle Resources

You can probably tell based on my blog name…. I like rocks. I don’t claim to be an expert geologist, but I have a deep love for pretty rocks, am fascinated by them and how they form, and have quite a collection.Students often think rocks are boring until you put

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Plate Tectonics Activities

I absolutely LOVE teaching plate tectonics. What kid doesn’t love learning about earthquakes and volcanoes?! I’ve compiled a list of activities you can choose from to make this one of your students’ favorite units (and probably your favorite too). 1. Why do Earth’s plates move in the first place? Use

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Rock and Fossil Classification Labs

If you couldn’t already tell by the name of my blog and TpT store, I really enjoy looking at and collecting rocks and fossils. My house and classroom are full of them! Many kids might tell you rocks are stupid, but you’d be surprised how interested they get when you

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