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Category: Biochemistry

Catalase Enzyme Lab

Chances are your biochemistry unit is not a student favorite. I often hear “why are we learning chemistry in biology class?” But to really understand how cells work, students need to understand macromolecules. (If you need some biochemistry lesson ideas, check out this blog post). Luckily, there are fun labs

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Polarity and Electronegativity Teaching Resources

Even though I have taught life science most of my career and not physical science, I still feel it is important for students to understand polarity and electronegativity. If students don’t understand polarity, they won’t understand why the cell membrane has a hydrophobic and hydrophilic region. Understanding polarity also helps

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Teaching Resources for the Biogeochemical Cycles

Ahhh the biogeochemical cycles. They are vital to life, but students don’t typically enjoy learning about them. They usually know the water cycle by the time they reach high school, but struggle with carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. I’ve rounded up some resources you can use to spice up your chemical

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Macromolecules… Making Chemistry Fun Again

Okay, so you can tell by the title of this blog post I’m a biologist and not a chemist. (Chemistry teachers, please don’t send me hate mail!) Honestly, I don’t love chemistry and I don’t love teaching it. BUT, I realize how important it is for students to understand biochemistry

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Teaching pH in a snap!

pH…. one of those chemistry topics that us biology teachers get to teach. In biology I don’t make my students calculate pH and pOH values, but they need to understand what pH is and why maintaining a healthy pH in your body is so important. You may love biochemistry, or

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