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Category: Physics

electromagnetic spectrum lesson plans

Teaching the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Hi, my name is Becca and I hate physics. I passed one semester of physics in college to get my biology degree and never looked back. But now that I’m teaching some astronomy, I have to understand some physics in order to teach the big bang theory and stars. Enter:

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Motion Graphing Made Easy with PASCO

When teaching physical science, motion is by far my favorite unit. You can do so many fun experiments ranging from motion graphing and building rockets to Newton’s laws demos. Any time you can incorporate graphing into the curriculum it is great since creating and reading graphs is a skill that

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My 3 Days at NASA

Earlier this month I had the incredible opportunity to get a behind the scenes tour of NASA (I’m still pinching myself). It was amazing! I can’t claim to have been a NASA nerd since birth… it wasn’t until I was in high school that I picked up the book October

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Pendulum Lab

This is a great inquiry lab for your physics unit! In this activity students will be asked to figure out which of the following variables affect the period of the pendulum swing: the mass, the length of the string, or the angle the pendulum is released from. All you need

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Physics Lab: Build a Parachute

Physics is really exciting to teach because there are so many fun labs you can do. After teaching students about speed, velocity, and acceleration I wanted to do a STEM lab to follow up the unit. I decided to have students build a parachute out of a plastic grocery store

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