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Category: Weather and Climate

Solar Oven Lesson Plan

  Building solar ovens is a really engaging project for students. (And living in Phoenix, there are only a few months were you CAN’T build one!) I did this activity with students when we learned about forms of energy and heat transfer. You can choose to have students work on

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Dendrochronology Lesson Plans

Dendrochronology is the study of tree rings. Tree ring data can provide us information from the year they formed, including what the climate and atmospheric conditions were like. Scientists most commonly use living trees to collect data, but data can also be taken from archeological sites and even sunken ships. 

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Water Cycle Resources for Secondary Grades

The water cycle is taught starting in elementary school. It seems like in high school biology when I get to the biogeochemical cycles (water, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus) the water cycle gets glossed over because we assume the students know it and it’s too basic. But water is vital to

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Teaching Climate Change with Ice Cores

At the end of every school year we end our life science curriculum with geologic time. It’s one of my favorite units because I get to bust out my fossil collection (If you know me, that’s a big deal).It’s hard to talk about geologic time, mass extinctions, and evolution of

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