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Build Your Own Cladogram

Candy cladogram lesson plan from Science Lessons That Rock

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Cladograms are my favorite part of the classification and taxonomy unit. They are relatively simple for students to grasp and are great for visual learners. While they can be easy to read, sometimes students struggle once you ask them to make their own. 
Enter: the ultimate teacher engagement tool. Candy.

In this activity, students will be given a ziplock baggie with 4 types of candy inside. On the front of the worksheet students will be given the traits to analyze and then are asked to complete the cladogram. On the back of the worksheet students need to use the same candies but analyze them using different traits. Once they finish their cladograms they are free to eat!

TIP: As I’ve used this activity over the past few years, I’ve found students sometimes struggle with the back side of the worksheet where they have to make their own cladogram. One line of questioning that really helps them organize their thoughts is this:
“What is a trait all 4 candies have in common? What is a trait only 3 of them have in common? What is a trait that 2 of those 3 remaining candies have in common? What is a trait that only 1 of the remaining candies has?” Once they think of it that way it is much easier to fill out the chart and complete the cladogram. 

I’ve made this lab worksheet completely editable so you are free to change the candy types based on what you can find on sale at the store.  Don’t feel forced to use the candies I have listed! Keep in mind, if you change the candy types you will likely have to change the traits students are looking for on the front side of the worksheet. 

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