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Video clips for teaching symbiosis

I like to use a lot of video clips in my lessons. Video clips keep students engaged and it breaks up the monotony of the notes. After lots of searching on the internet for good videos for my symbiosis lesson, I’ve found some real winners! Your students will love these videos!

MUTUALISM- (Good for me, good for you) This video clip is from the 1974 Disney movie “Animals are Beautiful People.” Don’t let the year deter you, it’s an oldie but a goodie. This video clip shows a guide bird helping a honey badger find food. Check it out here:

COMMENSALISM- (Good for me, doesn’t bother you) This video clip shows beetles falling into the opening of an elephant foot yam plant. The beetles act as pollinators for the plant, and aren’t helped or harmed during the process. Check it out here:

PARASITISM- (Good for me, harms you) This video clip shows a freshly hatched cuckoo bird in a warbler nest. The cuckoo bird pushes the warbler eggs out of the nest in order to receive all the food and care from the warbler parents. This is also a great time to introduce innate vs. learned behaviors. Check it out here:

I also like this video that goes over all three types of symbiosis. It is a great follow up video for the following day to help refresh student’s memory of what they learned. Check it out here:

Want some fun symbiosis posters to hang up in your classroom? –> Take a peek here!
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