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Science Seek and Finds


My daughter recently discovered I-Spy books, and it brought back so many childhood memories. I would stare at those pages for hours! As I was looking them over with her, I started to wonder how I could do something similar with my students and sneak in some vocabulary practice. Science seek and find activity sheets were born!

On these activity pages, students are asked to find the number of each vocabulary term they find in the picture. For example, in the cell division one shown below, they have to identify how many of each mitosis phase they find. You can have students color code them to make sure they don’t just copy answers from their neighbors.


These worksheets are especially great for SPED and ESL students who are working on vocabulary and language skills. They only take a few minutes to complete, so they are a great brain break activity, station activity, exit ticket, or simply a time filler at the end of the class period. I’ve created both printable and digital versions, so use whichever you prefer!

Want to try a free one? Check out this lab tools seek and find on TpT or on my website!

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I’ve created a bundle of life, physical, and earth/space science seek and finds. You can find them below!

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or bundle and save on ALL seek and finds on TpT or on my website.

Rock on!

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