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The dog days of April testing…

10 activities to keep students quiet after they finish state testing

It’s April. Sigh. If you live in the US, you are likely experiencing testing season. Between ACT, SAT, and state exams, it seems like the entire month is taken. Kids are burned out and teachers just want to start teaching again. Students have to be quiet when they finish testing which can be a struggle no matter which age group you teach. If your school is like mine, students aren’t allowed to be anywhere near their phones when they are done testing. As much as I would love to see them whip out their favorite book, the last thing many of them want to do is read when they just finished a 3 hour test. Here are some ideas to keep them quiet until everyone else is finished testing:

1. Print out sudoku pages. The first few times I did this I realized many students had never done a sudoku puzzle before, so you might need to teach them. But your left-brained students will have fun working on them! You can print them for free by clicking here.

2. Word Searches- Check out this website where you can print pre-made word searches or even create your own.

3. Coloring Pages- This is my personal favorite stress-relief activity. I love printing out Mandala images and letting my creativity run wild. You can find free ones here, or I’ve even seen books of them at the dollar store. You can just buy a book and make copies for your students.

4. Extreme Dot-to-Dot- These will take your students quite a bit of time! Unfortunately I haven’t found free ones online that are very good, but the books are inexpensive on amazon’s website (just search for extreme dot to dot). I have one that I make copies from and the kids love figuring out what the image is.

5. ABC Books- I know this sounds a little elementary, but middle school students enjoy it. Give students 14 pages of paper, have them fold in  half, and staple on the edge like a book (or you can print a template here). Have them write one letter of the alphabet on each page. Then, they have to choose a vocabulary word that is specific to your content area, write the definition, and make a picture. Since I teach science, they might choose acid for A, biotic for B, catalyst for C, etc. It is a great way to brush up on vocabulary from the year.

6. Write a thank-you note- Since teacher appreciation day is coming up, sometimes I have my students pick their favorite teacher at school and write them a thank you note. Then I have the notes delivered on teacher appreciation day. It will truly brighten those teacher’s day to read them!

7. Hidden Pictures- Remember the hidden pictures in the highlights magazines when you were little? Well you can print them! Head over to highlights website and print off a few. Are they intended for little kids? Yes. Will your secondary students still love them? Yes.

8. Crossword Puzzles- Here is a website that has pre-made puzzles, or check out this site where you can make your own.

9. Metal Mind Teasers- This one isn’t my favorite only because it makes a little noise. If you head to a local dollar store or check amazon, you can find the little metal puzzles that students have to separate by twisting and turning the pieces. Some students manage to do them quietly, but a few like to make it an ordeal, so be careful on who you hand them to.
And last but not least…..

10. Sleep- If your school allows it, let that tired kid put their head down. Seriously. Studies show that teenagers don’t get nearly as much sleep as they should. After a 3 hour test, let that brain rest.
Any other fun ideas to keep kids quiet after testing? Drop them in the comments!

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