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Scientific Method Labs for Biology Teachers

It’s the beginning of the year, and chances are you are starting off teaching or reviewing the scientific method. If you’ve looked around on the internet for scientific method labs, you will notice that the majority are not biology related. Don’t get me wrong- building paper airplanes, measuring bubbles, and

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FREE Science Posters!

As teachers, we are always on a budget. Decorating classrooms can get pricey. When I first started teaching I was spending a fortune online and at teaching supply stores to buy science posters so my walls weren’t so drab. Since then, I’ve been creating my own science posters that the

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Teaching Natural Selection and Evolution

Natural selection is one of my favorite topics to teach. Students enter the classroom with prior misconceptions and it’s fun to have students figure out what natural selection and evolution really mean. Here is a list of my favorite natural selection and evolution activities: 1. Battle of the Beaks– This

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Summer Science Activities

IT’S SUMMER! The time we get to sleep in and relax (a little….) As a science teacher I’ve had multiple friends ask me the same question: “What science activities can I do with my kids over the summer?” I remember growing up over the summer my Mom making rock candy

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