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Author: Rebecca Fanucci

electromagnetic spectrum lesson plans

Teaching the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Hi, my name is Becca and I hate physics. I passed one semester of physics in college to get my biology degree and never looked back. But now that I’m teaching some astronomy, I have to understand some physics in order to teach the big bang theory and stars. Enter:

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Astronomy Classroom Decor Ideas

It’s the beginning of the school year and I’m always excited to re-decorate certain areas of my classroom! This year I’m teaching all earth and space science, and I wanted to add some astronomy decor. I also had a goal of the decor not just being “cute” but also meaningful.

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Stream Table Erosion Lab

I love teaching weathering and erosion! One of the best ways to learn about weathering and erosion is to SEE it in action. There are a few ways to do this: Large stream tables are expensive, and a pain to store from year to year. You can easily make your

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Relative Dating Stratigraphy Lab

We recently covered one of my favorite units- relative and absolute dating (and fossils of course!) I love asking questions like… “how do we know the earth is 4.5 billion years old?” and “how do we know humans have only been around 100,000 years?” Dating is not a difficult topic

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kingdoms and classification lesson plans

Teaching the Biological Kingdoms of Life

Hey there biology teacher. It’s almost the end of the year, and you are on one of your last units: biological kingdoms and classification. Not super high interest. You are tired. How are you going to spice this topic up?! Don’t worry- I’ve got you covered. But first, a disclaimer:

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Outdoor Classroom Ideas for Secondary Science

Spring has sprung my friends! The weather here in Arizona has been so nice, I’ve tried to take advantage of it before it gets to 110F. When the weather is nice, I like to find ways to take my students outside. There are almost endless possibilities for an outdoor classroom,

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Using Microscopes Outside of your Cells Unit

When we think about microscopes, we often think about our cells unit…. which is a biology topic. Microscopes obviously get the most use in a biology classroom. This year I switched over to a full schedule of earth and space science and I am having a very hard time letting

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How to find Micrometeorites!

During your astronomy unit, chances are you will have kids asking about meteorites. I mean…. if it wasn’t for an asteroid, chances are the dinosaurs would still be here and we wouldn’t. Large meteorites are hard to find, and expensive to buy. But microscopic meteorites are hitting Earth all the

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Scaled Solar System Model

The solar system is my favorite part of astronomy to teach. I enjoy getting past the big bang and stars portion of the unit, and discussing things closer to home. Since I teach high school, students generally already know some basics: the order of the planets, which ones are made

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save time grading

How to Save Time Grading!

Are you taking grading home with you regularly? Do you feel overwhelmed just looking at the student turn-in basket? It’s time to streamline your grading, and I’m going to help you save hours of time! When I was a new teacher, I felt like I had to grade everything students

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Tips for Teaching Cell Organelles

Hi teacher friend. I’ve been putting this blog post off for a long while…. cell organelles. Why? First off, this is not one of my favorite topics to teach. Yes, getting out the microscopes are a blast, but overall organelles are a really abstract topic for students. I’ve gone back

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