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Taxonomy and Geologic Time Digital Choice Board

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Looking to give your students some activity choices in your geologic time unit? Try out this digital choice board! Included in your purchase is a digital choice board with 9 activities students can choose from that all relate to taxonomy and geologic time. You can choose to have students complete as many or as few as you would like.

Activities Include:

  • Watch a YouTube video on Tiktaalik and answer questions
  • Explore events in Earth's geologic history
  • Complete a writing prompt on fossils
  • Key out a leaf dichotomous key
  • Fill out a binomial nomenclature chart with scientific names
  • Explore a mass extinction interactive
  • Kingdoms card sorting activity
  • Geologic timeline predictions
  • Arrange a cladogram

Included in your purchase is both a Google slide version and PowerPoint version of the activity (this product is NOT meant to be printed as it contains multiple hyperlinks). You will also receive teacher directions and an answer key.

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