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Seed Dispersal and Natural Selection Activities

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This lesson helps students understand how natural selection has impacted seed dispersal mechanisms. Most of the examples we use to teach natural selection and evolution are animals (finches, tortoises, peppered moths) so it is nice to use plants for a change!

This lesson has 3 activities that can be completed in a 90 minute block class.
Activity 1: Students will read about seed dispersal mechanisms and answer questions.
Activity 2: Students will analyze 8 different seed types and determine the type of dispersal mechanism. You can provide your own seeds, or print out the provided pictures.
Activity 3: Students will design a seed that matches a given habitat. They will brainstorm what characteristics will help it survive there and create a drawing.
Included in your purchase:
- 19 page PDF (non-editable) that includes teacher directions, student worksheets, and optional grading rubric.
- 9 slide powerpoint (editable) that walks students through the lesson.
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