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Protein Synthesis Blueprint Activity

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Can your students answer this question: Why do all cells in the body have the exact same DNA but they look and act differently? This activity will help! In this activity students will learn how our DNA is like the blueprint of a house. The blueprint holds all the information needed to build the house, but different people use different information from it. The electrician uses information on the blueprint to install wiring and outlets, while the plumber uses different information to install water pipes and toilets. Our DNA is the same way! Students will also learn about promoter sequences and how specialized cells use promoter sequences to transcribe and translate the needed genes.

In this activity students will take on 4 roles: the framer, plumber, electrician, and roofer. Each job has a different promoter sequence within the DNA. Students will look for the associated promoter sequence, transcribe and translate the DNA, and use the blueprint chart to determine the characteristics (alleles) of the house. By the end of this activity students will have a good grasp on how different cells only use portions of the genome.

Included in your purchase is both a printable PDF and digital Google slide version.

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