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Photosynthesis Station Activity

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Looking to make photosynthesis feel a little more exciting and tangible for students? I created this station activity to help bring the process of photosynthesis to life and not focus on the biochemistry behind it. (If you are looking for your students to take a deeper dive into the biochemistry of the light dependent and light independent reactions, this is not the product for you).

In this station lab, students will rotate through 10 stations and learn about big picture concepts relating to photosynthesis. This lab is 17 pages and non-editable. See description below of each station and required materials.

Station 1: Students will write out the overall formula for photosynthesis and identify parts on a diagram. No materials are required.

Station 2: Students will watch a video clip on photosynthesis. Computer with internet access required.

Station 3: Students will observe stomata cells under the microscope (microscope and prepared slide required). If you do not have access to a slide a picture has been provided.

Station 4: Students will identify the main source of atmospheric oxygen. No materials are required.

Station 5: Students will complete a photosynthesis concept map. No materials are required.

Station 6: Students will read about photosynthetic animals. No materials are required.

Station 7: Students will read about colorful leaf pigments. No materials are required.

Station 8: Students will match the type of plant tropism to its definition. No materials are required.

Station 9: Students will analyze a chloroplast image and identify the need for extra membranes within the organelle. No materials are required.

Station 10: Students will analyze a carbon cycle diagram and determine if it is in balance. No materials are required.

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