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Invasive Species Obituary Project

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Tired of having your students make an invasive species "wanted poster?" Have them write an obituary instead! In this project, students will choose an invasive species to research, but also take it a step further by understanding its role in the ecosystem and brainstorming ways to eliminate the unwanted species. They will have two options to complete the obituary assignment:

Option 1: Write an obituary for a species that has died off as the result of an invasive species that has moved into the area. Explain the life history of your organism. Your article should explain specific ways the non-native species outcompeted the native species, and how the non-native species has impacted the ecosystem.

Option 2: Write an obituary for an invasive species that you have found a way to eliminate. Your article must explain the method used to exterminate the invasive species. The method chosen must have a minimal impact on other organisms in the area. Your method must be well thought out and be a viable solution to the problem.

Included in your purchase are:

- Student handout with assignment directions

- Student brainstorming and research page

- Editable grading rubrics for both options

- Sample obituaries for both options

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