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Homeostasis Station Lab

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Looking to take a little deeper dive into the topic of homeostasis? In this station lab, students will rotate through 10 stations and learn how a variety of organisms maintain homeostasis. This lab is 17 pages and non-editable. See description below of each station and required materials.

Station 1: Students will read about negative feedback loops. No materials are required.

Station 2: Students will compare their normal pulse to their pulse after placing their hand in ice water for 30 seconds. A bucket of ice water and a stopwatch is required.

Station 3: Students will compare plant cells in fresh and salt water. No materials are required.

Station 4: Students will read an article about a lady who died of water intoxication. No materials are required.

Station 5: Students will observe what happens to their pupils when there is a change in light. A flashlight is required for this station.

Station 6: Students will watch a Youtube video clip that compares warm and cold blooded organisms. Computer with internet access required.

Station 7: Students will compare the behavior of cold blooded organisms on an ice pack and a warming pad. You will need to supply some invertebrates (crickets or mealworms) along with an ice pack and a hand warmer or warm water bath.

Station 8: Students will observe stomata cells. You can create a wet-mount and have students use a microscope, otherwise a picture has been provided.

Station 9: Students will work through a body system interactive. Computer with internet access required.

Station 10: Students will read about the parts of blood and how they maintain homeostasis. No materials are required.

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