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Genetics Exit Tickets

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xit tickets are a great way to formatively assess your students. On these exit tickets students will be able to show what they know and self assess themselves. Included in this bundle are 20 exit tickets on the following genetic topics:

1. Meiosis

2. Comparing mitosis and meiosis

3. Discovery of DNA structure

4. Structure of DNA

5. Structure of chromosomes

6. DNA replication

7. Transcription

8. Translation

9. Protein synthesis overview

10. Mutations

11. Punnett square vocabulary

12. Punnett squares- Mendelian

13. Punnett squares- Sex-linked

14. Punnett squares- Non-mendelian

15. Punnett squares- Dihybrid

16. Karyotypes

17. Autosomal pedigree

18. Sex linked pedigree

19. Genetic engineering

20. DNA fingerprinting

Included in your purchase is a printable PDF version and a digital Google slide version.

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