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Genetics Bundle

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This bundle includes everything you need to teach genetics. Lessons include:

  1. Mendelian Genetics Powerpoint: 22 page editable powerpoint with student note-taking sheet.
  2. Dihybrid Cross Powerpoint: 12 slide powerpoint presentation with student note-taking sheet.
  3. Patterns of Inheritance Powerpoint: 23 slide editable powerpoint with student note-taking sheet.
  4. Punnett Square Practice Worksheets: 5 practice worksheets on mendelian and non-mendelian punnett squares. Both printable and digital versions included.
  5. Punnett Square Cheat Sheet: 1 page "cheat sheet" students can keep in their binders to help remind them the differences between Punnett square types.
  6. Punnett Square Speed Dating: In this activity, students are assigned a monster and go on speed-dates with other monsters and complete Punnett squares. 2 versions included.
  7. Epigenetics Activity: Students will read about the field of epigenetics and pair up with an identical "twin" and see what life factors and decisions will impact them down the road.
  8. Genetics Bingo: A fun way to review vocabulary.
  9. Pedigree Charts Powerpoint: 20 slide editable powerpoint presentation
  10. Pedigree Chart Interactive Diagram: Clickable diagram (browser based) and self-grading Google form quiz.
  11. Blood Type Pedigree Lab: In this lab, students will determine the blood types of different family members to see who can be a blood donor. They will also complete a family pedigree and fill out Punnett squares. Materials needed include milk, food coloring, vinegar, pipettes or eyedroppers, and test tubes or spot plates.
  12. Blood Type Dice: Students will roll paper dice and complete blood type Punnett squares.
  13. Design a GMO Project: In this project, students will design a GMO that meets a global need.
  14. Genetics Writing Prompts: 10 writing prompts to increase science literacy.
  15. Genetics Exit Tickets
  16. Genetics Snakes and Ladders: Review game
  17. Genetics Digital Choice Board: This choice board includes 9 options for students to take control over how they want to be assessed. Both Google and powerpoint versions included.
  18. Genetics Unit Test: 34 question editable test bank.
  19. Genetics Cut and Paste INB: 15 vocabulary words to make a concept amp.

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