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Food Chains Inference Lab with Skulls

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This is a fun and innovative way to teach students about ecology. In this inquiry lab, students will analyze animal skulls and draw conclusions about them based on observations. This is an excellent lab to do prior to teaching words such as herbivore or carnivore- let students discover those concepts on their own!

There are 2 ways to use this lab:

1- If you have animal skulls available in your classroom, place one at each station around the room and use the lab worksheet included. (If you don't have any, check with your local game and fish department, they often have skulls they will loan out).

2- If you do not have access to animal skulls I've included pictures of 8 different animal skulls students can examine. You can print color copies or assign via Google slides (link is included).

This lab is a blast! You will never start your ecology unit with vocabulary words again! I've used this lab as low as 6th grade and as high as 10th and they love it regardless.

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