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Evolution Bundle

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This bundle includes everything you need to teach evolution in your high school biology class! Lessons include:

  1. Lizard Evolution Activity: An introductory activity to the concept of evolution and change over time.
  2. Theory of Evolution Powerpoint: This lesson introduces Lamarck, Darwin, and Wallace and their discoveries over time.
  3. Galapagos Tortoises: In this cut and paste activity, students match the a tortoise to the correct island.
  4. Battle of the Beaks: This is a natural selection beak lab. Fully editable so you can use whatever materials you have available.
  5. Analyzing Darwin's Finches: In this activity students learn about Peter and Rosemary Grant and their research on the Galapagos Islands. Graphing activity and questions included.
  6. Natural Selection Task Cards: Students analyze scenarios of disruptive, stabilizing, and directional selection.
  7. Evidence of Evolution Powerpoint: 19 slide editable powerpoint
  8. Patterns of Evolution: Editable powerpoint and puzzles that review evolutionary patterns.
  9. Speciation Powerpoint: 15 slide editable powerpoint on modes of speciation. Also includes a writing prompt, note sheet, and exit ticket.
  10. Speciation Lab: This activity uses skittles to help students review the concept of speciation.
  11. Speciation Interactive Diagram: Clickable browser based diagram with Google form self-grading quiz.
  12. Evolution Writing Prompts: 10 writing prompts to increase science literacy
  13. Evolution Exit Tickets
  14. Evolution Tarsia Puzzle: Review puzzle to practice vocabulary. Both print and digital versions included.
  15. Evolution Bingo: A fun way to review vocabulary
  16. Evolution Digital Choice Board: Let students take control over their learning with this 9 option digital choice board. Google and powerpoint versions included.
  17. Evolution Test: 22 editable multiple choice questions, 2 versions included.
  18. Evolution Poster Set: 5 posters for your bulletin board
  19. Seed Dispersal and Natural Selection Activities: 3 activities
  20. Seed Dispersal and Natural Selection Activities

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