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EM Spectrum Stations

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This station activity is designed to allow students to explore the electromagnetic spectrum and look at application of different wavelengths. This is a fun activity to add to your astronomy unit!

Station activities included:

Station 1: Students will use a PHET simulation to explore molecules and light. A laptop or tablet is required at this station.

Station 2: Students will analyze an EM spectrum diagram and answer questions.

Station 3: Students will observe X rays of bones and draw conclusions about how EM waves pass through the body.

Station 4: Students will observe solar beads and answer questions. If you do not have solar beads, pictures have been provided.

Station 5: Students will play with a prism and draw what they see. A prism and sunny window or flashlight is required.

Station 6: Students will examine thermal images and answer questions.

Station 7: Students will complete a virtual flame test and draw the emission spectra for elements. A laptop or tablet is required at this station.

Station 8: Students will explain why radio waves travel further than microwaves using real world examples.

Station 9: Students compare images from the Hubble and JWST and answer questions.

Station 10: Students will analyze the emission spectra of stars and determine which elements are present in 2 stars.

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