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Design a GMO PBL project

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Want a fun way to end your genetics unit? In this project, students will:

1. Learn about GMOs and genetic engineering

2. Research a GMO that is already in production

3. With a group, design a new GMO that meets a global need

What this product includes:

- This product is 100% editable!

- Teacher planning guide and planning sheets

- Suggestions on GMO and CRISPR lessons

- Optional / supplemental student activities on genetic engineering and CRISPR technology

- Grading rubrics

- Sample projects

What this product does not include:

- This resource does not include everything you need to teach about genetics, genetic engineering, and CRISPR technology. Students should have background knowledge on these topics prior to the project.

-This resource is not a print-and-go resource that you can implement tomorrow. It is a resource that will require some planning on your part before implementation.

- This resource is not for small, out of class projects. True PBL is student driven, inquiry based, multi-disciplinary, problem solving process with a public product.

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