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DNA and Protein Synthesis Bundle

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This bundle includes everything you need to teach DNA and protein synthesis. Lessons included in this bundle:

  1. Discovery of DNA structure powerpoint: Editable powerpoint and student worksheet
  2. Structure of DNA powerpoint: 19 slide editable powerpoint, card sorting activity, and graphic organizer.
  3. DNA Replication Powerpoint: 19 slide editable powerpoint and replication foldable
  4. Genetic Mutations Powerpoint: 19 slide editable powerpoint and 8 vocabulary review puzzles
  5. Transcription and Translation Powerpoint: Two separate powerpoints with a writing prompt, note page, and exit ticket.
  6. Protein Synthesis Article: Nonfiction article that walks students through the process of protein synthesis. Two lexile versions included.
  7. Protein Synthesis Worksheet: Protein synthesis diagram with 10 fill in the blank and short answer questions.
  8. Protein Synthesis Blueprint: This activity likens the genome to a blueprint of a house. Students learn how specific cell types only use a portion of the genome.
  9. Protein Synthesis Interactive Diagram: Clickable diagram (browser based) with a self-grading Google form quiz.
  10. Protein Synthesis Tarsia Puzzle: Tarsia puzzle to review vocabulary terms. Both printable and digital versions included.
  11. Genetics Concept Map: Cut and paste concept map activity that is great for interactive notebooks.
  12. Karyotypes Powerpoint: 15 slide editable powerpoint on karyotypes
  13. Karyotype Stations: 8 station activities all relating to karyotypes. At least 2 computers/laptops required.
  14. DNA Digital Choice Board: Put students in charge of how they want to be assessed. This digital choice board includes 9 options for them to choose from. Both Google and powerpoint versions included.
  15. Protein Synthesis Test: 16 multiple choice questions. Fully editable, 2 versions included.
  16. Protein Synthesis Posters: 3 graphics that are perfect for your bulletin board.
  17. DNA Fingerprinting Powerpoint: 19 slide editable powerpoint on how gel electrophoresis works.
  18. DNA Fingerprint Article: Nonfiction article on the first court case that used plant DNA fingerprints. 2 lexile versions included.
  19. Genetics Level of Organization INB: Card sorting activity and graphic organizer.
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