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Characteristics of Life Bundle

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Teaching the characteristics of life in high school biology? This bundle includes a variety of resources that will help students understand the 8 characteristics of life and examine examples.

Included in this bundle:

  1. Characteristics of Life Lab: Activity where students classify organisms as living, nonliving, dormant, or dead.
  2. Characteristics of Life Powerpoint: 14 slide powerpoint that introduces the 8 characteristics of life.
  3. Characteristics of Life Task Cards: 16 task cards that review the characteristics of life.
  4. "Dead or Alive?" close reading article: 2 page article that looks at the legal definition of death. 2 versions with higher and lower lexile included.
  5. Characteristics of Life Interactive Diagram: 2 slide interactive diagram with Google form self-grading quiz.
  6. Homeostasis Station Lab: 10 station activities all relating to the concept of homeostasis within plants and animals.
  7. Characteristics of Life Poster: 1 page printable poster to hang on a bulletin board.
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