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Cell Theory Microscope Stations Lab

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Instead of just talking about the scientists that contributed to the cell theory, have students "travel through time" and see first hand what these famous scientists discovered. In this activity students will rotate through 5 microscope stations, draw what they see, and make qualitative observations. Please note this lab is not editable.

For this lab, you will need:

1. Microscopes- at least 5 but a class set is ideal

2. Prepared slides of cork cells or make your own wet mount (Hooke)

3. Pond water sample or make your own hay infusion (Leeuwenhoek)

4. Prepared slides of plant cells or make your own wet mount (Schleiden)

5. Prepared slides of animal cells or make your own wet mount (Schwann)

6. Prepared slides of onion root tip mitosis or make your own wet mount (Virchow)

Prior to completing this lab...

- Students should know how to use microscopes.

- Students do not need to know cellular organelles or cell basics. This activity is intended to introduce them to cell types.

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