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Cell Organelle Puzzle Pieces

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Do your students struggle to understand cell organelle relationships? My students memorize what each organelle does but struggle to understand how the cell functions as a system. In this activity students will identify relationships between cell organelles.

There are 2 versions of the activity included:

Option 1: Students will be given 2 organelles paired up and asked to identify the relationships. 11 sets are included, along with a blank for you to add more of your own. These could be cut and glued into interactive notebooks. (See thumbnail 1)

Option 2: Students will identify which organelles work together on their own. They will cut out puzzle pieces, tape or glue them together on butcher paper, and write out the relationships. The more puzzle pieces they can link together the better! (See thumbnail 2 and 3)

You will receive both print and digital (Google slide) versions of this activity in your download!

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