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Cell Division Digital Choice Board

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Product Details

Looking to give your students some activity choices in your cell division unit? Try out this digital choice board! Included in your purchase is a digital choice board with 9 activities students can choose from that all relate to mitosis and meiosis. You can choose to have students complete as many or as few as you would like.

Activities Include:

  • Watch YouTube videos comparing mitosis and meiosis and answer questions
  • Solve a jigsaw puzzle to uncover the missing phrase
  • Complete a writing prompt
  • Complete a crossword puzzle
  • Examine onion root tip cells undergoing mitosis
  • Fill out a diploid/haploid chart
  • Cell division card sorting activity
  • Work through a cell cycle interactive
  • Create a mitosis model out of household materials

Included in your purchase is both a Google slide version and PowerPoint version of the activity (this product is NOT meant to be printed as it contains multiple hyperlinks). You will also receive teacher directions and an answer key.

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