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Blood Type Pedigree Lab

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n this experiment, students will use punnett squares to identify which members of a family are able to donate blood to each other. (Prior to this lab, students should understand how pedigrees are set up and how blood types are passed down from parent to offspring using punnett squares). Genetics can be fun to teach, but hard to find easy and inexpensive labs. This lab is easy to set up, uses inexpensive materials, and gives fool-proof results!

Materials needed: Test tubes or vials with racks OR reaction plates (2 versions of this lab are included depending on your available materials), milk, vinegar, water, food coloring, and eyedroppers or plastic pipettes.

Your purchase includes:

- 3 page student lab worksheets

- 3 page teacher set-up and answer key

- 10 slide Powerpoint that goes along with the lab

Google slide version of the lab- great option for distance learning or lab-make ups for absent students.

Here is a blog post that includes a few tips to save you set-up and clean-up time!

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