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Biochemistry and Marcomolecule Bundle

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This bundle of resources includes everything you need to teach a biochemistry unit to biology students. Lessons include:

  1. Chemical Bonds Flip Book
  2. Chemical bonds tug-of-war: This worksheet uses a tug-of-war as an analogy to help students understand the difference between different types of chemical bonds.
  3. Macromolecules Powerpoint Lesson: 19 slide editable powerpoint with a card sorting activity
  4. Macromolecules Cut and Paste Review Chart: Both printable and digital versions included
  5. Macromolecules Review Packet: Two versions included
  6. Macromolecules Flip Book
  7. Macromolecules interactive diagram: Clickable diagram (internet based) with Google-form self grading quiz
  8. Enzymes powerpoint lesson:17 slide editable powerpoint
  9. Biochemistry Bingo: Vocabulary review game
  10. Macromolecules Tarsia Puzzle: Review puzzle with both printable and digital versions
  11. Macromolecules Matching Card Game: A "memory" card game where students match a vocabulary word to a definition
  12. Biochemistry Exit Tickets
  13. Macromolecules Quiz: Two editable versions included
  14. Macromolecules Posters: Great printables for bulletin boards
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