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Category: Cells

A better way to teach cell division

One comment I frequently hear from biology teachers is “My students keep mixing up mitosis and meiosis.” I had this problem for many years (the first 5 years of teaching to be exact). During my cells unit I would teach both mitosis and meiosis. I would begin by teaching them

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Cellular Organelles Working Together

Every teacher has that one unit they don’t like to teach. For me, it was cells. Having taught every grade from 6th to 12th, it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, the same thing happened every year. I taught organelles, students memorized them for a test, and then

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STEM- Making Animated Videos

Lately there is a big push for STEM in the classroom. Data has projected that STEM related jobs will increase to 9 million by the year 2022 ( As teachers we need to not just teach science, but let students truly experience it first hand. Every year when I teach

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