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Video Clips for CER Practice

If you want to introduce the CER method to students or have them practice periodically, using video clips is a fun way to go. (If you aren’t familiar with the CER method, check out this blog post on ways you can use it in your classroom). I prefer short video clips because they are great for bellwork practice or a good time-filler if you have a few minutes left at the end of class.

A popular video teachers use to introduce CER is this Audi commercial. In it, the daughter gives the claim that her Dad is a space alien. Students should be able to pull out the evidence that she gives, including: he speaks a weird language, he drinks green stuff, just look at him (he dresses weird), and he has a spaceship. In the reasoning section students should be able to explain how the evidence supports the claim.

Here are some additional video clips you can use if you have YouTube access at school:

  • Cheryl’s She Shed: In this State Farm commercial, Cheryl gives the claim that someone burned down her she-shed. Is there evidence to support her claim?
  • Shamwow: Can these towels really hold 12 times their weight in liquid?
  • Gorilla tape: This Gorilla tape commercial claims that their tape is 3 times stronger than the leading brand of duct tape.
  • Invisible Man: In this video clip a magician gives the claim that he can make people invisible. (There is a curse word, preview before showing students).
  • Be Like Mike: Can drinking Gatorade make you a baller like Michael Jordan?
  • Sketchers: Can sketchers make you run as fast as a cheetah?


  • Yellowstone wolves: This video clip on Yellowstone wolves is one of my favorites to show during ecology when we discuss keystone species. The claim is that wolves can change rivers and students need to figure out the trophic cascade that makes this possible.
  • Hydrophobic Shoes: In this video clip, the group claims they can walk on water.  (In actuality there is a platform below the surface of the water they are running on). See if students can come up with any valid evidence that they can truly run across the surface of the water.
  • Flying penguins: The BBC came out with this video for April Fool’s Day that penguins can fly.
  • Make a Light Saber: Another April Fools day video! This video from Steve Spangler shows how to make a light saber. Do you think students will believe this claim?
  • Troglobites: How did these cave salamanders become blind?


If you are interested in a graphic organizer I use for CER practice, click here!

If you have any other video clips you use, I’d love to see them! Leave the URL in the comments!

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