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Carbon Cycle Lab- Photosynthesis and Respiration

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This is a fool-proof lab to demonstrate photosynthesis and respiration in aquatic plants. This lab works great when teaching about the carbon cycle as well. In this lab students will learn that plants only do photosynthesis in the light and in the dark cellular respiration occurs.

Materials needed (per group): 4 test tubes with lids or parafilm, water, bromothymol blue, straw, elodea or other aquatic plant, test tube rack, aluminum foil, light source, and a goldfish is optional for an extension activity.

This is a 2 day lab. The first day students will come up with an experimental design and set up their lab, and the following day they will look at their results and make conclusions. With guidance this lab is also great for ELL and SPED students because the results are so easy to see- a simple color change!

Have questions on how I set up this lab or just want more details? Check out my blog post:

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