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Hi! If you’ve been following for a while, you might have noticed I have A LOT of blog posts and it can get difficult to find what you need. I compiled a complete list of blog posts broken down by content that I will keep updated. You can refer back to it at the top of the categories on the right hand side of the page. I hope this saves you some time and avoidance of the endless scroll!

Intro to Biology / Characteristics of Life

· Teaching the characteristics of life
· Scientific method labs for biology teachers
· How to set up a bacterial culture lab

· Supplemental materials for The Serengeti Rules
· Ecology Population Growth resources
· Teaching resources for the biogeochemical cycles
· Keystone species and trophic cascades
– Human impact on ecosystems
· Invasive species teaching resources
· Video clips for teaching symbiosis
· Everything you need to teach food chains
· Resources for teaching ecological succession
– Owl pellet dissection tips
– Biomes teaching resources

· Macromolecules- making biochemistry fun again

· How to view stomata under the microscope
· Carbon cycle lab- photosynthesis and respiration
· Cellular organelles working together
· Cell size lab: examining surface area to volume ratios
· Transforming your microscope unit from good to great
Microscope alternatives
· A better way to teach cell division
· 10 resources for teaching cell membranes
· Why we should STOP teaching the nucleus is the control center of the cell
· Setting up a hay infusion for your microscope unit
· How to use an onion for your osmosis lab
· Animal hair microscope slides
– Photosynthesis resources
– Cellular respiration resources
– Homeostasis teaching resources
– Cell theory microscope lab 

· Protein synthesis blueprint activity
· Teaching protein synthesis just got easier
· Karyotype station activities
· GMO and CRISPR teaching resources
· Blood type pedigree lab
– Codon bingo
– Epigenetics teaching resources

Evolution & Classification 
· Not sold on evolution? Let me explain what the term means…
· Human evolution teaching resources
· Resources for teaching cladograms
· Build your own candy cladogram
· Teaching natural selection and evolution
– Dichotomous key resources

· Atmosphere model in a bottle
· Air pollution experiment
– Dendrochronology lesson plans

· Water cycle resources for secondary grades
· Teaching climate change with ice cores
– How to build an aquifer model
– Ocean acidification lab

· My 3 days at NASA
– How to build a 3D constellation
– Moon phase poster

· Rock and fossil classification labs
· Urban heat islands
· A case study of lake Nyos
– Plate tectonics activities
– Hot spot island formation
– Fossil lesson plans
– Rock cycle activities

· Introducing diffusion with smelly balloons
· States of matter and phase changes
· Polarity and electronegativity teaching resources
· Lab ideas for teaching density
· Physics lab- build a parachute
· Pendulum lab
· Motion graphing made easy with Pasco
· Metric system teaching hack
· Teaching pH in a snap
– Conservation of mass experiments
– Periodic table bingo
– Periodic table teaching resources

· Teaching vocabulary without the worksheet
· 4 reasons you should be using exit tickets
· Increasing science literacy with writing prompts
· The dog days of April testing…
· Hey ELL teacher, you matter!
· Recommended summer science reads
· 10 tips for teaching ELLs in the science classroom
· Why I believe in Cornell notes
· Crazy for card sorts
· Puzzles and games in the science classroom
· Where to find free science articles
· Practice writing procedures
– Digital choice boards

– Activities you can use for bellwork
– Alternative forms of assessment 
– Graphing practice
– Metric system teaching resources

· PBL 1: Project based learning- what is it?
· PBL 2: Getting started on a project
· PBL 3: The product and student led inquiry
· PBL 4: Beyond the classroom
· 10 tips for effective group work
· Tips for making and using rubrics
· Teaching students to give effective peer feedback
· Guest Speakers Part 1: Why you should utilize guest speakers and where to find them
– Guest Speakers Part 2: What to do during, before, and after the presentation

· End of the school year ideas for secondary science
· March madness- science edition
· Christmas Holiday science activities
– Science themed holiday ornaments 
· Show your coworkers some love! Teacher appreciation day
· Must-Do end of the school year tasks to save yourself time
· Halloween science ideas
– Glow stick science
– Glow in the dark science experiments

· April Fools jokes for the science classroom
· Summer science activities
· Valentine’s day science ideas
· Earth day science resources
– Thanksgiving and fall science resources

– Interactive bulletin boards
· Scientific speed dating

· Citizen science projects
· Increase student engagement with whiteboards
· Finding a teacher mentor
· How to handle lab absences and make ups
· Class finished 5 minutes early… now what?
· Why I don’t teach lab safety the first week of school… and other back to school science teacher tips
· Secondary science extra credit opportunities that are actually worthwhile
· Train your students so your classroom runs like a well oiled machine
· Increasing parent teacher communication in a secondary classroom
· Thinking like a scientist: Using CER
· 5 tips to quickly learn student names
· Why I let students use notes on tests
· Accommodating for both high and low level learners
· Please, just give the kid a pencil
· 10 tips for teaching in the inner city
· Tips for a first year science teacher
· How to get students to ask for help when they need it
· Students shutting down? 3 teacher behaviors you need to stop doing
· Building a caring classroom culture
· Classroom décor on a budget
– Brain breaks for secondary students
– Ideas for early finishers

– Low prep sub plans
– Student voice and choice
– 20 must-have lab supplies for science
​- Student prize ideas

· Virtual field trips
· 5 low prep ideas for distance learning
· Utilizing live stream webcams
· Video clips for CER practice
· Great movies for the science classroom
· STEM- Making animated videos
· Using infographics for assessment
· Secondary science virtual labs
· Tips for building relationships virtually
– Science podcasts for teens
– Tech tools to support ELL students
– Interactive diagrams

· Making class fun again… reflections after 10 years of teaching
· Twitter science bulletin board
· Free science posters
· Comparing the amount of carbonation in different brands of soda- an inquiry lab
· Consumer science experiments
– Forensics- How to grow maggots for an entomology lab
– Science experiments with 2 liter bottles

– National park teaching resources

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