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Category: Classroom Management

Please, Just Give The Kid a Pencil…

When I switched from teaching middle school to high school, my new district required all new hires to participate in a new teacher program our first year. Even though I already had 5 years of teaching experience, I took monthly classes with a professional development specialist whose job it was

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Accommodating for both HIGH and LOW level learners

​One of the hardest parts of being a teacher is making sure you are providing instruction at the level of all your students in the classroom. In classes of 30+ students, it can seem daunting to modify for kids that still need help, while also increasing the rigor for kids

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10 Tips for Teaching In The Inner City

This blog post was co-written by Becca from Science Rocks  and Tara from Science In The City. They have 22 combined years of teaching experience in the inner city. To read about their backgrounds, hop down to the bottom of the blog post. 10 TIPS FOR TEACHING IN THE INNER-CITY

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Why I believe in Cornell Notes

This blog post is all about why I think Cornell notes are beneficial for students, and tips on how to make them easier for teachers. If you don’t want to read my background story on how I came to love them and you just want the nitty-gritty, skip to the

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Class finished 5 minutes early…. now what?

As much as we would love to have our lessons end 30 seconds before the bell rings, it rarely happens. Even if it does work out perfectly in 1st hour, 2nd hour is a completely different group of students and the lesson might require more or less time. It sometimes

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