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Must-Do End of the School Year Tasks to Save Yourself Time During Back-To-School

Whew! You made it to the end of the year! (insert happy dance here). The last week of school all most teachers have on their mind is posting grades and summer vacation. Buutttttt….. I’m here to give you a few tips on things you can do NOW to make your job easier in August. Those few days you have before school starts are precious, and you know most of it will be taken up by PD and meetings. The line at the copy center is huge. You have to make new seating charts and print new IEP’s. The list goes on and on. So here are a few end of the year tips that will hopefully make your life easier when it is time to go back to school.

  1. Depending on your school, you might have to take everything off the walls and clean out your classroom at the end of the year. Thankfully we don’t have to do this unless we are moving rooms or they are painting the walls, neither of which apply to me this year (thank goodness). However, I still like to go through and throw out or shred papers that I’ve been hanging on to all year. Hard copies of student IEP’s and bubble sheets from district tests are forms that don’t need to be taking up space in my file cabinet anymore. It’s easier to clean out the file cabinet now so you don’t have to worry about it later (especially since the custodial staff will be coming around to pick up trash and recycling over the summer).
  2. Are there forms you know you will be using next year? Worksheets you use all year long? For me, I use the same bell work and note taking forms throughout the year. I suggest making a class set of those forms now, because the line at the copier will not be pretty right before school starts. Stash them in a drawer somewhere so you have one less thing to copy before school starts.
  3. Do you have some pretty task cards or posters you purchased on TpT and would like them laminated? Back to school time seems to be the time most teachers buy new posters and pick out a new theme for their classroom the following year. Our library will laminate things for us, but it often takes days to weeks to get things back when they are super busy in August. If you have those things ready to go, get them laminated now (the librarian will thank you later).
  4. Do you need glassware cleaned or organized? Do you want your mini whiteboards waxed and ready to go for next year? Any cleaning you’ve been avoiding? Many high school students need community service hours for programs such as National Honor Society or AVID. Instead of breaking your back to get these things done, have students help and offer them community service hours! It’s a win-win.
  5. Many schools offer teachers a district web page. When is the last time you updated it? If you are teaching any new classes next year, have any change in contact information, or any new pictures to add, do it now! One less thing to do in August.
  6. Lastly, take a quick inventory of what supplies you have left over from the year. Most of us spend quite a bit of money during back-to-school sales on folders, pencils, tape, markers, etc. without realizing that you still have plenty of pencils left over from the previous year. Take pictures of what you have left or add a note in your phone so you have it handy when you head to Target.
I saw this meme from @tessthekraftyteacher on Instagram and thought it was hilarious! (I’ve been totally guilty of this). Don’t waste your summer trying to get into your classroom early and get organized. Do it now! Any other end of the year tips? Share them with others by dropping them in the comments.

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