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4 Reasons You Should Be Using Exit Tickets

Since I started teaching, I always got my students trained pretty quickly to start working on bellwork when they came in to class. It is a great way for them to have a few minutes to settle down, remember what we learned the previous day, and also gives me time to take attendance. One thing that I didn’t start until recently was using exit tickets. I mostly didn’t use them because I wasn’t prepared. By not being prepared, I mean I didn’t have set questions ready to go. I didn’t like the generic tickets of “one thing I learned today was…” and “one thing I’m still confused about is…” because I feel like it didn’t give me any concrete information or data and half the time students left them blank. I really wanted the students to SHOW me that they understood the concept.

Now that summer is here I’ve had time to create exit tickets for all my biology units. I’m really looking forward to having them done and ready to go. At the top of each ticket is a set of questions that deals with the new concept the students learned about. At the bottom there is a place for students to self assess themselves.

Here are 4 reasons why I think exit tickets are beneficial to use in the classroom:
1. Formative Assessment for the Teacher- Do you truly know where all your students are in the learning process? Are you giving a summative assessment when your students aren’t ready? One of the best quotes I have heard regarding assessment is “How are you rewarding students at their best, not punishing them at their worst?” That really spoke to me. The use of exit tickets allows me to really hone in on which students needed help before we moved on to new concepts.

2. Formative Assessment for the Student- It’s good for you as the teacher to know where your students are in the learning process, but it’s even better if your students know where they are too. How often as a college student did you walk into a test not having any clue what would be on it? What would they focus on? Did you study the wrong things? Thoughtfully prepared exit tickets allow students to identify exactly what they already know and where there are learning gaps.

3. Increased test scores- After students turn in exit tickets and you sort through them, what do you do with them? Do you group them into piles? Do you recycle the ones that have mastered the content so you can focus on the lower students? I think you should pass them back, even though they aren’t necessarily graded. This allows students to review them before a test and feel confident about what material they have mastered and what they need to study for. When students have a clear understanding of what to study for, test scores will increase! (Side note: I generally let students use notes on tests. You can read about that here).

4. Be Better Prepared for Evaluations- When I walk into my teacher evaluation conferences, I know I will be asked these two questions without fail: Do I have data to show how each of my students are doing in class? and how do I allow my students to self-assess themselves? Exit tickets are a great way to answer both of these questions. Explain how you formatively assess your students and allow students to self-assess themselves and look for gaps in their learning. Following the use of exit tickets, explain your methods of intervention before the summative assessment. I think your evaluator will be impressed with your answers! 

I’ve created tickets for all the biology units I teach. If you’d like to try out a few for FREE, click here!

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