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10 Best Science Teacher Gifts

When the holidays or teacher appreciation week rolls around, many people start looking for teacher gift ideas. I’ve created a list below of gift ideas your science teacher will love! Yes, a mug or candy bar is nice (and always appreciated!) but these science-themed gifts are sure to please. (Note: some links below are amazon affiliate links).

Does your classroom have a window? If so, these window birdhouses are SO fun to observe. Fill with some birdseed and watch birds hang out at your window. I personally have this one. I love that it’s affordable and has a rubber rim for them to stand on.

Teachers and students both LOVE chalk markers. As a science teacher with black lab tables, the colors are vibrant and students love to draw diagrams on the tables. These wipe up easily with a wet paper towel. This 30 pack allows every student to have a color.

If you are taking chemistry, this clock is the best! Instead of numbers 1-12, it lists the first 12 elements on the periodic table. You can find it here.

Radimeters are inexpensive and fun to play with. This a great gift for a physical science teacher who teaches about heat transfer and energy. Shine a flashlight on the paddles and watch it spin! You can find it here.

Grading papers becomes A LOT more fun when you can add these meme stickers. I own this set and students get so excited to get their work returned and see what sticker they got.

Plasma balls are fun for all ages. I love that this one is USB powered so your teacher can keep it on their desk and students can come up and see it. They come in a variety of sizes, but this 5 inch plasma ball is a good size for the price.

Is your teacher a coffee or tea drinker? This caffeine beaker mug is a must-have.

What science themed movie do you love? Every teacher loves having a few spare movies on hand for sick days, after testing days, or end of the school year days. Here is a list of science themed movies that your teacher might enjoy.

I’m a sucker for all-things-stationary, sticky notes, notebooks, notepads…. you name it. I love to make lists and feel accomplished as I cross things off. Here is a cute set of teacher-themed sticky notes.

Last but not least, don’t forget about TpT gift cards! Teachers are constantly spending money buying new resources. Show them some love with a gift card!

I hope your teacher loves one of these gifts!

Rock on,

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